“With some of the finest national parks in Africa, the country is blessed with stunning landscapes and an abundance of wildlife. The mighty Zambezi River offers adventure holidays and Victoria Falls will leave visitors breathless, while the range of birdlife draws enthusiasts year-round.” Zimbabwe: The Bradt Travel Guide by Paul Murray


Once known as the “bread-basket of Africa”, with a flourishing international tourism industry, not only at Victoria Falls and Hwange National Park, but throughout the country. Unfortunately with the collapse of the economy, the hyperinflation of 2007/8 plus often over-exaggerated reports of political violence, Zimbabwe now often evokes images of political unrest and corruption. However, the reality - particularly in recent years - is quite different. The economy has now stabilised with the introduction of the US dollar as the local currency; fuel, food and medical supplies are all as readily available as any other African country and the country is safe for visitors who exercise a little common-sense and follow a few basic rules.

Today, curious tourists, wildlife enthusiasts and adventure-seekers are returning to Zimbabwe and for those that do come, expect the royal treatment. Zimbabwe remains one of the most beautiful and unspoilt of the Southern African countries and from the moment you arrive you will experience the friendliness, hospitality and welcoming nature of the Zimbabwean people, who are keen for tourists to return so they can show off their beautiful country. With some of the best wildlife viewing in Africa, a plentiful supply of lodges, magnificent and varied scenery, tourists and independent travellers are returning to Zimbabwe. Our advice - come and experience it for yourself!


Travel hotspots:
With the best view of the mighty Victoria Falls, a number of National Parks,Tiger fishing on Lake Kariba and a wealth of cultural sites, Zimbabwe has it all for the intrepid visitor.

Dancers in Red

Zimbabwe and Zambia are co-hosting the 2013 United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) general assembly in Victoria Falls, highlighting the country’s commitment to promote international tourism.

Key Facts:
A unity government and power-sharing agreement was formed in 2008 with the aim of tackling decisions with a more balanced outlook

In 2009 Zimbabwe adopted the US$ as its official currency which has brought about some financial and economic stability and the country has registered its first growth in a decade

Travel bans have been lifted by key foreign governments including the US, Australia and Japan

International Aid agencies have permission to re-enter the country and many NGOs now have operations in Zimbabwe

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