Experience a horse riding safari in the African bush and combine it with wildlife conservation, game monitoring and cattle ranching

Horse riding safaris, rhino conservation and elephant interaction - what more could you ask for from your volunteer programme? During this two week horse riding volunteer project you will experience the African bush, as well as get involved with cattle ranching, game counts and anti-poaching patrols, all on horseback.

What better way to get up close to herds of zebra, wildebeest and giraffe, plus our black rhinos and elephants, than horse riding on the back of your very own bush horse? Horses are ideal partners for reserve management; game are less stressed by horses than vehicles or foot patrols, meaning you can often find young, sick or elusive animals much more easily.

Our horse riding and cattle ranching volunteer programme will give you a unique African experience - you will ride in small groups (no more than four), enjoying the peace of the bush and the exciting and changeable .

2016 Project Pricing:

The Horse Riding Programme is run for two weeks at a time. If you would like to volunteer for longer than 2 weeks, you can combine the programme with the Rhino & Elephant Programme. You are welcome to spend 1 week on the Horse Riding Programe and 1 week on the Rhino & Elephant Programme if you only have two weeks to spare and would like to do both.

1 week Horse Riding / 1 week Rhino Conservation: $1,875
2 weeks Horse Riding: $1,995
2 weeks Horse Riding / 1 week Rhino Conservation: $2,755
2 weeks Horse Riding / 2 weeks Rhino Conservation: $3,515

BRAND NEW: From Bush to Beaches - combine our two week Horse Riding & Conservation Programme with two weeks as a Horse Riding Intern, riding on the beach in Mozambique.

As an Imire horse volunteer you will get involved with:

Equine husbandry and general care
As part of Imire’s horse volunteer programme you will be responsible for looking after your horse on a daily basis; feeding, grooming and general health checks. You will also assist in the ongoing training and exercise of the horses.
You will also be responsible for the equine tack and maintenance, as well as building paddocks or boma areas as required.
Game Park management
As a horse conservation volunteer one of things you will do to support the Game Park Manager is herd monitoring. You will check on the welfare and location of newborn foals and their mothers, undertake herd composition studies and territory mapping. The game are more accepting of horses and will allow you to get right into their herds.

In addition you will be involved in wide-range anti-poaching patrols and snare sweeps. These will involve covering areas of the game park not accessible by vehicle as well as monitoring snares along the fence line and damage done to the fence itself. You will undertake night patrols, usually on full moon nights and camp out in the bush with your horses.

All our horseback volunteers will help with game counts - these are undertaken to assess the balance of game within the park against the viability of the land in terms of tree coverage, grass type and browse availability. You will also help with game capture when required.

Anti-poaching patrols
Aim: to ensure that Imire is a safe and secure environment for the breeding of wildlife as well as a place where rehabilitated animals can be released.
  • Provide manpower to assist with anti-poaching patrols, snare sweeps and game counts
  • Carry out fish-netting patrols in our dams
  • Assist with the communication of anti-poaching and conservation messages to local children
  • Assist with fence building and repair
  • Assist with animal release projects
Cattle ranching
Do you fancy becoming an African-style gaucho? Well, now you can. Work with our dedicated cattle team mustering cattle across the game park as different herds take their turns to be dipped. You will also help with cattle counts, undertake general health inspections to check for injuries, pests and pregnancy and monitor our 800 head herd of beef and dairy cows. You will check for new calves and monitor their progress, as well as check for injured and sick animals. If required, your duties may also involve helping with the dairy herd - milking, helping with the running of the dairy and doing deliveries.
Rhino conservation and elephant interaction
Part of Imire’s horse conservation volunteer programme involves rhino monitoring and elephant interaction. This part of the programme is not on horseback and you will join our Rhino Conservation Programme volunteers for one and a half days a week to learn about our wildlife conservation projects and eco-initiatives. Fore more details of activities you may be involved with during this time of your programme, click here
Community conservation education
We believe that long term wildlife conservation goes hand in hand with community education and support for community outreach programmes. All our horse volunteers will spend some time with local schoolchildren teaching them the importance of environmental and conservation protection and volunteers will also get involved where possible in our local community empowerment initiatives. For more details of these programmes, click here



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