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Dedicated family volunteer projects during July and August.

If you and your family would like to volunteer together and have a holiday with a difference, our unique family volunteer programme is going to be perfect

Volunteers will participate in the activiites within our Rhino & Elephant Conservation Programme, with the itinerary changed slightly to make it as family-friendly as possible.

The project will, of course, focus on rhino and elephant conservation; learn about these amazing animals and hear the fascinating Imire story. Participate in exciting team-building activities; learn survival and bushcraft skills; enjoy nature walks and game drives with our experienced guides, and get your hands and clothes dirty doing work around the game park!

We are very excited to offer a volunteer programme to families with children aged 10 - 17 (please enquire if some of your children fall outside these ages). We have adapted our popular Rhino & Elephant Conservation Programme and included some additional actiivites, which we know from experience that children of all ages (and adults!) love.

This is a unique opportunity for you and your family to live amongst African animals in the heart of the bush and experience day to day life on a privately owned game park. We have four of Africa’s Big 5 game - lions, elephants, rhinos and buffalo and a huge range of plains game including sable, kudu, waterbuck, wildebeest, crocodile, giraffe and zebra. With 150 species of bird plus numerous snakes and lizards, Imire is truly an animal-lovers paradise which will enchant your whole family.

Programme dates: July and / or August 2017 depending on interest
Programme pricing: $1,295 per person (includes transfers from Harare, all meals, soft drinks, activities and bushcamp accommodation).

Wildlife and Conservation Activities
Aims:to increase your knowledge of rhinos and elephants, and allow you to get up close to these endangered animals. Learn about the animals, birds, trees and environment as you immerse yourself and your family in game park life.
  • Walk with the rhino and elephants and learn from their experienced handlers
  • Learn about rhino conservation and the challenges the species has to survive
  • Help put them to bed and make sure they have adequate food and water
  • Track the white rhino using telemetry
  • Learn to recognise different animal tracks and signs as you hike through the bush
  • Go on nature walks and game drives and learn to identify different animal and bird species
  • Enter the kingdom of the nocturnal creatures as you go on night walks after dark
  • Game Park Activities
    Aim: Get involved with every aspect of game park life and get a behind-the-scenes peek into the running of a 10,000 acre conservation area.
  • Go on snare patrols to check for evidence of snares, traps and damage to the boundary fence
  • Deliver feed and nutritional supplements to sable, zebra and other plains game. Help feed the lion and hyenas
  • Join the Anti-Poaching Unit as they undergo training exercises
  • Assist with fence building and repair
  • Help with game park projects such as building fireguards and repairing roads
  • Remove invasive plant species and help with tree planting
  • Bushcraft and survival skills
    Aims: Learn how to survive in the bush, how to find water and how to navigate without a compass - great for developing leadership skills. Take part in practical conservation lessons as well as learn how to work together as a team.
  • Learn basic bush survival skills - how to find water, how to nagivate, to make a fire and how to find food
  • Use the trees and grasses around to you make rope and even a toothbrush!
  • Do physical training with the Anti-Poaching Unit on the obstacle course and abseil from the top of Castle Kopje
  • Learn about the night skies and the constellations - so different from the ones at home. Learn to navigate at night using the stars
  • Culture and Community
    Aims: The heart of Imire is its community. We aim to share the importance of protecting the wildlife and environment with rural communities and school children to better secure the future of all Africa's animals, in particular the black rhino. To participate in cultural exchange for the benefit of both volunteers and the community surrounding Imire.
  • Play sports and games - challenge yourself in a soccer or volleyball game
  • Immerse yourself in the Shona culture; learn to cook sadza and nyama, sing songs and move your feet in traditional dances. Meet members of the local community and exchange ideas and experiences
  • Visit Markwe Caves and learn about the ancient Bushman paintings and the history of the Wedza area
  • Brave the ladder and climb to the top of Castle Kopje as you learn about Imire's rich history
  • For more information on the community programmes we are involved with, click here
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