Our volunteer programme at Imire is based around wildlife conservation focusing on the endangered black rhino; game park management and community education. We believe that without ongoing education in schools and in the local community, the future of wildlife in Zimbabwe cannot be secured. The focus of our volunteer programme is very much on wildlife conservation and the majority of your time is spent in the game park.

Life as a volunteer

You will be living in the heart of a 10,000 acre privately owned game reserve in Eastern Zimbabwe where you will have the opportunity to spend time with black rhino, and be involved in valuable wildlife conservation work to secure the future of the species in Zimbabwe. You will get a unique behind the scenes look at life in an African game park.
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During your volunteer programme you will also have the opportunity to meet local children and community leaders as you spend time at the school. You will get involved in our Happy Readers English literacy programme and play sports, and you will take groups of children into the game park for conservation lessons.
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What makes Imire different?

A real hands-on wildlife conservation programme. At Imire’s volunteer programme you will get a real hands-on volunteer experience as you immerse yourself in our wonderful wildlife. Get up close to our five black rhino and our elephant herd, observe their behaviour and social interactions, learn about the 50 species of animal and 150 bird species on Imire and get a feel for daily life on an African game reserve.

The diversity of our programme - from daily feed deliveries, anti-poaching patrols, animal monitoring and general maintenance around the game park, to camp-outs in the bush and night drives, no two days will ever be the same.

Because we only take 12 volunteers, you will be able to form close relationships with our animals and staff, and see the tangible difference which you make each day.


What about in my spare time?

Volunteers work Monday - Saturday lunchtime, and Saturday afternoons and Sundays you are free to spend your time as you please. Go fishing or canoeing, camp out in the bush or just relax by the pool at the volunteer house with a cold beer! A trip to Victoria Falls is definitely a must for one of your weekends.

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