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Care For Wild & Imire
Care For Wild & Imire
We work with selected partner programmes across Southern Africa to give volunteers the opportunity to experience different conservation projects.

About Care for Wild Africa

Petronel Nieuwoudt, the founder of Care for Wild Africa, has more than 20 years experience in the care and conservation of wild animals. She has built a centre in South Africa which is totally devoted to the care and rehabilitation of African wild animals; focusing on the black and white rhino.

A passion for rescue, care, rearing and rehabilitation of infant, injured or orphaned animals are what drives the Care for Wild team, and Petronel is one of the few people in the world who has specialised in the care of orphaned and injured rhinos.

The aim of the centre is to rescue orphaned, abandoned and displaced mammals, birds and reptiles; rehabilitate and care for them and, where possible and appropriate, release them back into the wild.

Care for Wild is located on a small 2,500 acre reserve in the Nelspruit area of Mpumalanga, one of South Africa’s most stunning tourist destinations, home to some of Africa’s most magnificent landscapes - mountains, valleys, rivers, waterfalls and forests. More details...

Imire & Care for Wild: a unique rhino experience

We are offering a unique opportunity to combine two internationally renowned rhino conservation projects into one amazing volunteer experience.

Join the Care for Wild team at their rhino rehabilitation centre in South Africa, and then journey here to Imire in Zimbabwe, where you will work alongside our game park and anti-poaching teams, getting hands-on to secure the safety and security of our rhinos, elephants and other animals.

The programme we offer at Imire and the amazing project at Care for Wild will make an amazing volunteer experience. Assist in the care and rehabilitation of rhinos in a sanctuary environment in a beautiful area of South Africa and travel to Zimbabwe to get involved with the next steps of rhino release. At Imire you will see first hand how these endangered and ancient animals thrive in larger reserves which are closer to their natural environment, while still being protected on a daily basis.

This is a unique volunteer experience which can only be booked through Imire!

Project Pricing 2017:

We recommend a minimum of a four-week stay on this combination project, and have put together special pricing for joint volunteers, giving you 10% off the normal price of both projects:
2 weeks at Imire / 2 weeks at Care for Wild: $3,240
Each additional week at Imire (rhino conservation): $690
Each additional week at Care for Wild: $810

To book your place or find out more, please send an email to

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