Volunteering abroad is one way to make a difference, both to the communities and organisations you help and to yourself - to do things you never imagined you were capable of, to understand another culture and to challenge your personal limits.

Volunteering is about becoming part of a community, giving a little back and getting a sense of achievement and motivation from helping others - whether it be helping African women set up their own community businesses, teaching a child the days of the week or helping on conservation projects,
your volunteering efforts do make a difference.

And don’t forget, a survey through Reed Executive showed that 95% of employers believe that volunteering can add to your skills and shows you are patient, flexible and committed. A volunteer position abroad can also give you the hands-on experience which you won’t get on an internship - if you are doing a Natural Science degree, what better way to learn about animals, the environment, geology or wildlife conservation than through
a hands on volunteer programme in Africa?

Why volunteer in Africa?

Although Africa is not short of labour, the continent has some of the poorest countries
in the world and money is an issue. Wildlife conservation projects are often the last thing to be considered important by governments so the contribution that volunteers make and the time they donate is critical.

“There are few travel experiences which are cheaper and more rewarding
than doing a conservation volunteer project
in Africa.”


Why volunteer in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons over the last decade and the country has seen its tourism industry, once the envy of Africa, fade away alarmingly. The country is now in a process of redevelopment and needs tourism, in any capacity, to help its economic growth. With some of the finest wildlife viewing in Southern Africa and some
of the friendliest, most hospitable and resourceful people in the world, curious visitors to Zimbabwe can expect to receive royal treatment. Volunteer programmes and volun-tourism is returning to Zimbabwe and volunteers who do visit the country leave with magical memories and warm hearts.


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