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Your time at Imire will leave you with long lasting friendships and memories that will last forever.

Contribute to a long term conservation programme focusing on the ongoing protection of Zimbabwe’s wildlife, especially the black rhino. Get involved with a variety of conservation projects: work alongside our rhinos and elephants; undertake anti-poaching patrols to ensure the continued safety of the animals; help educate local school-children about conservation, wildlife and the environment; learn about what is involved in the running of a conservancy.

Love horse riding? Combine hands-on rhino and elephant conservation with daily horse safaris on our Equine Programme

Keen photographer?We are looking for photography and film interns to help us with our visual material. If you are a good amateur photographer, a photography student or a professional, and would be keen to combine your volunteer programme with photography and film-making, please get in touch to see if you can help!

This is a unique opportunity to live amongst African animals in the heart of the bush and experience day to day life on a privately owned game park with all its challenges and joys. We have four of Africa’s Big 5 game - lions, elephants, rhinos and buffalos and a huge range of plains game including sable, kudu, waterbuck, wildebeest, crocodile, hippo, giraffes and Zebra. With 150 species of bird plus numerous snakes and lizards, Imire is truly an animal-lovers paradise.

Project Pricing 2017:
We recommend a minimum stay of two weeks, but we will accept volunteers for less time on application. 4-week and 8-week stays are our best value programmes.
2 weeks: $1,750
3 weeks: $2,535
4 weeks: $2,995
6 weeks: $4,645
8 weeks: $5,995

SPECIAL OFFER JANUARY & FEBRUARY 2017: to celebrate the birth of Tafara, we are giving all volunteers starting theirprojects in January and February 2017 a 15% discount. Click here for details.

Black Rhino Breeding Programme
Aims: to help with Imire’s established black rhino breeding and release programme; to collect meaningful data and information relating to rhino conservation and behaviour; to educate the local community about rhino conservation.
  • Observing and collecting data on the behaviour and social interaction of the black rhino
  • Feeding and walking with the rhino
  • Maintenance and cleaning of rhino beds
  • Volunteers will learn about rhino conservation specific to Zimbabwe and Southern Africa
Anti-Poaching and Security
Aim: to ensure that Imire is a safe and secure environment for the breeding of wildlife as well as a place where rehabilitated animals can be released.
  • Provide manpower to assist with anti-poaching patrols, snare sweeps and game counts
  • Carry out fish-netting patrols in our dams
  • Assist with the communication of anti-poaching and conservation messages to local children
  • Assist with fence building and repair
  • Assist with animal release projects
Elephant Project
Aims: to conduct studies into the family interactions of our elephant herd especially the baby elephant’s socialisation; to educate the local community on the value of elephant conservation.
  • Observing family interactions, monitoring and assessing browsing behaviour
  • Maintenance and cleaning of elephant beds
  • Teaching co-operative elephant handling
  • Elephant back safaris and in summertime, swimming with the elephants
Game Park Management
Aims: to give volunteers an insight into the running of a game reserve and provide daily assistance to the Game Park Manager.
  • Carry out deliveries of feed and nutritional supplements to all animals, especially our sable, lions, hyena and zebra
  • Assist in game counts, herd composition studies, territory analysis
  • Reforesting and removal of alien species
  • Road maintenance and fireguards
Community Education - School Programme
Aim: to encourage children to appreciate the importance of living with wildlife and show how humans and animals can live together and benefit one another.
  • Teaching lessons on different animal species aimed at highlighting the need and importance of protecting the natural environment, as well as focusing on the plight of the black rhino; the importance of conservation and the link between conservation, caring for the environment and their community
  • Helping with gardening and teaching about permaculture (organic gardening)
  • Tree planting at the local school
  • Assisting in the set up and maintenance of Imire’s waste management programme
  • Hands on education in the bush with children on the dangers of using catapults, lighting fires, dropping litter and setting traps
Community initiatives
Aim: to promote and create awareness of the value of and need for safe conservation zones through our community outreach programme; to promote long term sustainable farming and living practices to assist with poverty alleviation while aiming to re-introduce game to under-utilised farmland throughout Zimbabwe.
  • Set up an eco-composting and conservation tillage training centre on Imire which will then be expanded into the rural community to increase household food security
  • Get involved with initiatives such as bee projects and women’s sewing groups to help promote small businesses in the community
  • To use sports to help communicate the conservation message
For more information about our community projects, click here
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